Gold Standard wedding {budget friendly tips}

Charleston, SC again made headlines for a celebrity wedding that had people gushing. Olympic gold medalist Tarah Lipinsky got married at Middleton Plantation here in Charleston, SC in a lavish ceremony filled to the brim with roses. While we all adore fairytale weddings and roses as far as the eye can see, we don't all have that budget. So here are some ideas you can use to imitate the look while being wedding budget conscious.

Imitation Games {flower alternatives}

Do you love roses and peonies, but want to stretch your floral budget further. You may want to consider substitutes to roses or Icelandic peonies and pay attention to the season of your wedding. If you are having an Autumn wedding, research which flowers are in season and which may be growing in the native area of your wedding. Popular flowers can push the market price up and the supply down. Ideas that give you some volume but won't break the bank are lisianthus, spray roses, or a larger variety of greenery in arrangements.

Seasonality is Important

If you choose peonies in the off season, you could end up paying $20-30+ per stem. While we love flowers and are in the design business, we don't want to mislead customers. So ask your florist for alternate flower suggestions that may be available for a similar look but for less money. We try to first research each wedding date, what is in season, what estimates are on pricing and offer you creative ideas. We always ask for your style {we love seeing photos of your vision}, your color palette, any flowers you would be against using and what your budget is. There have been times we walk into the cooler before a wedding and spot some amazing flowers that would be unique for your wedding and may be on special. Those designs and special surprises for the bride and groom are the best. So let your florist have a little bit of creative freedom, sometimes that can work in your favor to make your wedding flowers totally unique.

Give some creative license

One of our brides was generous with some creative license and when we picked up the flowers from our wholesaler, they showed us something that we had never seen before. It was a blushing bride protea, it fit perfectly with our brides palette and we couldn't pass it up. So we incorporated the protea into the bridal bouquet and made an alternate boutonnière with one for the groom. It was perfect, and when we delivered the flowers to the bride and asked her opinion, she loved the incorporation. So remember, if you give some flexibility, you might get wonderful surprises that still fit in your budget.

Blushing bride protea shown above

Potted plants in lieu of vases

One of our brides stretched her budget much further by choosing planters in lieu of vased floral centerpieces. We worked with a local green house to select flowering plants that matched the wedding color palette and custom designed each planter. Those pieces were also gifts for guests to take home, and they would last much longer than just vased flowers.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Another idea is to reuse your bridesmaids bouquets as vased arrangements at your reception. Have some vases placed at the venue with water, once your bridesmaids arrive to the venue, ask them to drop their bouquets in the water to prevent wilting. You pay for a few less arrangements and your bridesmaids can take the vases home to enjoy their flowers longer. You can recycle vases and containers by collecting the ahead of time from family members, thrift stores, clearance racks etc. Eclectic containers can make gorgeous vignettes when paired with LED candles, greens, etc.

We have so many creative ideas for brides on a budget to stretch their dollar further, we have been able to do some amazing designs when we work with great clients. Another reason we love what we do!


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