70’s are back {wedding inspiration}

The 70’s are back and inspiring wedding styles too, can you dig it? So we are taking a walk down memory lane to look at the original trends. While consulting experts {a.k.a those that were living or got married in the 70’s} we learned a LOT, ever heard of gunny saxe? Hot pants? Macramae? …we are here to help show you the original trends and how to incorporate some of these trends in your wedding today.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane to see the original trends from the 1970’s.

{the above photos are vintage photos from our family}

Trends for weddings in the 1970’s include longer sleeves, lace, veils, cascading bridal bouquets and nature elements from time to time. In the era of gunny saxe and hot pants with go-go boots, weddings had their own unique styles.

Here are some ways you can take popular fashion and designs from the 70’s and blend into your wedding now. 

Nature inspired greens, flower crowns and bouquets 

The Knot – flower crown ideas

Green Wedding Shoes – Lush BoHo wedding inspiration

Macramae is a MUST:

{macramade by Marie}

{macramade by Marie}

Wedding dress styles: long sleeves & lace

70’s wedding trends 

There are several Charleston based companies that can help you with your 70’s inspired vision. Macramade by Marie is a Charleston, SC based macrame artist who creates custom work large or small. Gertie’s Apothecary is a Charleston based artists that can help you with your vision by offering botanical elements and art. Poppy and Pansy Design is a family owned Charleston, SC based florist that works with your budget to  make your wedding floral vision come true.


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