DIY weddings – A little help from your friends

            Hydrangea aisle arrgs

We love DIY (Do It Yourself) weddings, we love the enthusiasm and most of all the creativity. Everyone has a budget, and we want to help in every way to make that budget go further. We can offer you alternative flowers options and ideas that may cost less and last longer. We will help you use your ceremony flowers in your reception layout. Consider our services like a little help from your friends. Almost every wedding we do, we feel like we are helping a friend.

Caitlin_Amani-0251          Caitlin_Amani-0250

We love working with new materials, testing crazy ideas, designing something nobody has come up with yet, finding that creative backdrop for your unique venue.

Caitlin_Amani-0227             Caitlin_Amani-0228

When attempting a DIY wedding, know your limits so you can also enjoy your wedding. Think about where you could use your budget to ask for some professional help. Oftentimes, families don’t realize all the last minute details that come up, leaving them stressed. If you have created your own beautiful jars and vases, let us fill them with your flowers and take the set-up off your list of things to do.


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