The truth about flowers…

blush bridal bouquet

When we first meet with brides we ask them what they love, what they don’t like, colors, budget and photos of what they want. Often they bring us photos of gorgeous designs, and we have to guide them from there.

Flowers are seasonal, you can’t get all flowers species all year. We recommend researching the flowers that are in season for your wedding date. Not everything you see on the internet is real either, sometimes things are photoshopped and sometimes they are silk flowers. We will be honest with you about what is possible. We don’t want to promise you something that we can’t deliver.

There are some gorgeous popular flowers out there; anemones, ranunculus, peonies etc. Some of these specialty flowers are buyer beware, meaning there are no guarantees that the flowers will be perfect when they come in. We are at the mercy of Mother Nature at all times. We will always tell you which flowers are buyer beware. We believe honesty is always the best policy and we want to deliver you the best floral design products for your wedding day.


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